Jinxia Rizhao Center and Mianyang Wufu Smart Old Signing Ceremony held successfully!
Time: 2017 Dec 20 16:35:46

Mianyang WUFU Network Technology Co., Ltd and Jinxia Community Care Centre officially signed upon an escrow agreement on the 20th December. Mr. Lee Chaoxun,secretary of Anchang Town Jinxia community together with his community manager, Mr. Zhou Chengyuan (General manager of Mianyang WUFU Network Technology Co., Ltd) and Mr. Liu Gang (Manager of Operations Centre) were present at this signing ceremony.

Jinxia community in Anchang Town, Beichuan Yi Autonomous County, is one of the demonstration areas for commercializing retirement services in the Sichuan province, while the building of its day care centre stretches across 3,500 square meters. With the huge support from the county committees, administration, and the upper-level departments, the centre has implemented the service philosophy of 'A place of reliance and livelihood for the elderly', by conducting multiple cultural activities, senior sports carnival, and also set up a senior university for learning.

During the signing ceremony, Secretary Lee has worked together with us to explore a better business philosophy of retirement homes. Our company will utilize intelligent inspection equipment to monitor the health of the elderly, record their health readings and analyze accordingly to further understand the health condition of each elderly. We also organize leisure activities and vacations, enriching the cultural living of the elderly within the community. It’s our mission to spread positive energy while also enhances the mental health of the elderly. Most importantly, we want to create a cultural environment, to understand and cater to the specific services to the elderly to achieve our goal of a smart retirement.

(Discussing the business concepts of the retirement home)

(Exploring the content of the escrow agreement)

(Successful completion of the signing ceremony)

I believe as we constantly improve on our operation model, our community day care centre service will guide more elderly to walk on the path of a higher quality retirement. We will always remember our mission and vision, and strive to provide a harmonious home for the elderly!

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