The “Zero” Investment Retirement Plan Of WUFU Group Is Favored By The Governments And Enterprises Of ASEAN Countries
Time: 2018 May 23 10:00:11

    Conducting filial piety on behalf of the children, sharing the burdens of the government being the major initiative of WUFU Group to implement the national retirement plan industry in solving the people's livelihood problem. WUFU Group, which was established for seven years, has launched a “zero” investment retirement plan model. It has been highly recognized and supported by the governments of various places and all parties in the society. It is highly accepted in the international market especially in regards to its most core competitive measure and win-win initiatives, which is getting the consumer points through the daily consumption and expenditure that can be subsequently exchanged for products online and offline, and also utilization of retirement facilities as well as other retirement services. This innovative retirement service model allows the majority of WUFU members to feel at ease, rest assured, and worry-free. The ecological pension fund which is the result of the cooperation between WUFU Group and the China Senior Career Development Foundation (directly under the Ministry of Civil Affairs) has also received recognition and praise from the government and all walks of life for its contribution to care for disabled people.


    The world is moving into an aging society. In various countries, industry standards have not yet been fully established, marketing models are mostly under exploration, and under the background of increasingly comprehensive old-age care services, WUFU Group is trying its best in recent years to build their own old-age care bases in China and overseas, and to co-operate with various government linked institution. In 2016, it began to carry out international strategic development, investing in overseas nursing homes and entering the NASDAQ International Capital Market


    Following the acquisition of HFRN, a public listed company of NASDAQ by HQDA International Investment Holdings Limited on April 9, 2018, WUFU Group and HQDA have joined forces to create a health care platform, which has become a closed-loop business for consumption.


    The Chairwomen of WUFU of company Madam Xu Ziyun, was invited to attend official launch of Malaysia Healthcare Global (MHG) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in late March this year. The “zero” investment retirement plan as delivered in her speech, and elaborated that this model not only conforms to the needs of China’s national strategic development of the Belt and Road Initiative, but also serves as a model for governments of all countries to solve the problem of healthy retirement and people’s livelihood, benefiting the country and the people. This speech has sparked great interest and resonance among the participants of the 10 ASEAN countries. They all expressed their desire to visit the China WUFU Group and promote it to their own country.


    With blessing their wishes came true having the business tour organized in April to China. The senior management held a grand welcome ceremony in receiving the ASEAN guests from afar.



    During this visit, the parties discussed the pension scheme and retirement plan of China and other countries, conducted in-depth sharing on the “zero” investment in the retirement plan model and future development of the WUFU Group, laying a more solid foundation for the cooperation between the two parties, and accelerated the chances to kick off this zero cost development retirement plan, which is expected to be a blueprint for the advancement of the ten countries in ASEAN. This initiative would further promote the development of its supporting industrial chain in ASEAN and even the global market.

    On April 26th, Madam Xu ZiYun the Chairwoman of the company expressed a warm welcome and sincere greeting to the arrival of the ASEAN VIP guests: “We met each other in the beautiful Malaysia in March and we are very happy to meet you again today. We hope that our friendship will be everlasting. We are now venturing into other countries, we hope this 'zero' investment retirement plan would bloom in 2018. Through the constant interaction with ASEAN countries, through the help of the ASEAN VIP guests, we will speed up the deployment of WUFU’s 'ASEAN strategy', so that this plan will further go abroad, go to ASEAN, go to the world, benefiting all humanity."

    During the visit, the guests expressed that they managed to gain the in-depth of WUFU’s Group elderly care model and they wish to bring the concept back to ASEAN countries where the senior citizen will be benefited having such concept being rooted and start to grow in the region.


    Dr. Wilboon Shamsheun served as Deputy Minister of Education and Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Development in Thailand for seven years. “I learned about WUFU’s 'Zero' investment retirement plan model in Malaysia during the MHG launch and I was deeply amazed. It’s really eye-opening. I am very impressed by Madam Xu ZiYun, the Chairwoman of the group company who is indeed dedicated to the entire development process. I’m here in China in WUFU, and I hope to learn more about this model so that I can better promote it in Thailand."


    H.E. Chhit Kim Yeat is the current Senator of the National People's Republic of Cambodia and Minister of International Trade who has served for 25 years in Cambodia. H.E. Chhit Kim Yeat highlighted that: "After knowing that WUFU 'Zero' investment retirement model has been adopted in Malaysia, I have not been able to hold back the joy in my heart intending to introduce the WUFU model to my home country's government. The concerned Cambodian leader expressed his acknowledgement  to model concept and he truly believes in it. The 'zero' investment retirement plan model can help the senior citizens in Cambodian to live a better life, and they are very much looking forward to start the operation and cooperation with Madam Xu Ziyun in Cambodia. Being the fourth consecutive senator of the National Assembly, it is my obligation to assist and ensure to smooth the development and operation of WUFU in Cambodia in order to benefit my Cambodian people”


    General Yang Jinlong, commander of the Army in Thailand, adviser to the ASEAN-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and director of the Samara Crocodile Lake Zoo Group (the largest crocodile farm in the world) expressed his eagerness to corporate with WUFU Group and hoped to bring the “Zero” investment retirement plan to Thailand and to run it comprehensively.


    Mr. Darwin Yang the chairman of the ASEAN-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as the third Chinese generation in overseas, has thorough knowledge and understanding of Chinese culture. He is passionate with sharp eye sight and broad minded in regards to international perspective while maintaining good relationship with ASEAN government. Chairman Yang said: “The whole world is discussing the issue of elderly care. The 'zero' investment retirement plan advocated by WUFU has truly benefited the nation and the people. I am currently learning about this business model, hopefully this can be the direction in promoting this business model towards the formation of the national pension strategy in supporting WUFU development in the ASEAN region. 



    WUFU management meticulously arranged a five- day sightseeing tour including night cruising at Zhujiang, Chen Clan Ancestral Hall , Baiyun Mountain, Canton Tower, and Huangpu River. We also visited Chongming Island, Xinbu Dongtan Wetland Park in Shanghai. Naturally this will be unforgettable trip for the all the guests. The sumptuous Chinese cuisine and profile Chinese culture deeply attracted them. They all expressed that this journey is really a fruitful trip. They hope they will come to China and Wufu more often while extending their warm invitation to Madam Xu ZiYun and Wufu management to their countries to discuss on the collaboration and also to experience the culture of ASEAN. Madam Xu Ziyun and the guests exchanged gifts witnessing the blossom of the friendship between WUFU and ASEAN countries.


    Night tour of the Pearl River—the luxurious cruise ship sails from the Tianzi Wharf, passing through Haiyin Bridge, Guangzhou Bridge, Haixinsha, Guangzhou Tower, Liede Bridge, showing the bright colors of Guangzhou.


    Experience Chen Clan Ancestral Hall— the largest, well-decorated and well-preserved traditional Lingnan ancestral building in Guangdong. It is known as the "The Pearl of Lingnan Architectural Art"


    Enjoy Baiyun Mountain—Baiyun Mountain is one of the famous mountains in South Guangdong. Since ancient times, it has been known as the “First Beauty in Guangzhou”. The mountain is quite wide and consists of more than 30 peaks. It is the branch of Jiulian Mountain, the highest peak in Guangdong.


    Climb to the top of Guangzhou Tower - Guangzhou Tower, also known as the Guangzhou New TV Tower, nicknamed the small waist, listed as China's tallest tower, and the world's second tallest tower.


    Cruising on Huangpu River—take a boat ride on the Huangpu River and gaze upon different styles of architecture, the beautiful nightfall, the glimmering lights on both sides of the straits, the dense decorative lights along the bund and the adjacent city district, plus the glitzy lights of Lujiazui together to form a beautiful picture of Shanghai's downtown area.


    Chongming WUFU nursing home is located at Chongming Island which is an alluvial island in the Yangtze River Delta, China's third largest island with an area of 1200.68 square kilometers. Chongming Island is the island of longevity. The average life expectancy is 81 years old, 8 years longer than the national average, and the oldest person in WUFU Wilderness Nursing Home is 103 years old.


    Xingbu Dongtan Wetland Park—Dongtan Wetland Park is located at the eastern end of Chongming Island. It is at the mouth of the Yangtze River. The air is fresh and there is an endless reed covered with tidal flats. Walking on the boardwalk is a natural enjoyment.


    The ASEAN VIPs managed to gain better understanding of the “zero” investment retirement plan which further strengthens the determination of the cooperation between the two parties. They are in full support of deploying WUFU’s concept and zero investment retirement plan model towards a new era of old age care. As the founder and advocate of "zero" investment retirement plan, WUFU group has constructed 3 categories and 7 models for the retirement industry. The 3 categories consist of City, Ecological, and Welfare retirement, while the 7 models cover Medical Care, Social, Vacation, Meditation, Village, Migratory, and Government & Social organization funded retirement; thus, fulfilling its initial aspiration of providing a reliable and joyful place for the elderly to retire. WUFU group's retirement business is not only well established in China, but have also set eyes on the global landscape by entering ASEAN and other international markets, to achieve our ultimate goal of globalizing the "zero" investment retirement plan and benefit all of humanity.

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