Elderly Health Knowledge
Time: 2018 May 11 15:40:01

In life, the elders generally pay a lot of attention to retirement. Therefore, the retirement knowledge acquired should also benefit the health of the elderly, and these health knowledge would suggest elders to consume suitable amount of vitamin supplements. During the hot summer, elders should take more supplements wo boost the body with vitamins.


General Elderly Health Knowledge 1—Vitamin A

The epithelial cells of the elderly are easily damaged and the resistance is relatively low. This gives vitamin A the main role of maintaining the growth of various epithelial cells. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement the body with vitamin A. It can be supplemented from diets such as carrots, milk, eggs, animal livers, dark vegetables, eggs, and milk.


General Elderly Health Knowledge 2—Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 can prevent beriberi, increase appetite, nourish nerves, and improve muscle function. Older people are generally prone to poor appetite, indigestion, or symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. For this reason, taking vitamin B1 plays an important role in rehabilitation. Vitamin B1 is widely found in raw food such as cereals, wheat, and soybeans. Frequent consumption of white rice, flour, etc., would cause a lack of vitamin B1.


General Elderly Health Knowledge 3—Vitamin E

Also known as "tocopherol", vitamin E has the function of eliminating free radicals, resisting oxidation, and "peroxidation lipids" in the body, and therefore delaying the aging process of the body. Thus, vitamin E supplementation is especially important for the elderly. It can also be found widely in green plants, especially in various natural vegetable oils.


General Elderly Health Knowledge 4—Vitamin C

Also known as "ascorbic acid." For the elderly, it is important to increase the resistance to various infections by taking vitamin C. In the meantime, it also protects blood vessels, especially the capillaries of various parts, preventing bleeding, and more. It has special health care value for the elderly. Vitamin C also increases the body's resistance to a variety of infectious diseases, promotes wound healing, and accelerates the formation of connective tissue. In addition to the intake of food (widely found in a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables), you can take oral vitamin C tablets 3 times a day, 1-2 tablets each time (each tablet is 100 mg), can be taken for a long period, with no general side effects.



Precautions for the elderly’s lifestyle during the summer

1. Pay attention to the warmth during the night: the temperature in the summer changes drastically, so don’t be tempted by the cold and cover yourself under the sheets at night to avoid catching a cold. Wear thinner clothing in the day, but thick enough to keep you warm.

2. Comfortable environment: indoor temperature and humidity should be moderate, while keeping the room with fresh air circulation. Also, pay close attention when setting up a coal-fire indoor to prevent gas poisoning.

3. Sufficient sleep: Go to bed and wake up early with an average 8-9 hours of sleep, but sleeping duration of the elderly can be increased appropriately. In the case of sleeping trouble, you can take a nap for an hour; but avoid sleeping too much. Pay attention to the sudden gust of the cool breeze during sleep, which will cause diseases such as colds and respiratory diseases. Avoid covering your head to sleep, and should open a bit of the window for ventilation.

4. Skin care: keep the skin moist with scientific bath, and pay attention to skin cleanliness to prevent infection. Avoid bathing too hot, scrub your skin gently, and avoid shower gels with strong alkali content to prevent skin from getting dry, easily itch, and chapped. After bath, rub on glycerin, anti-itch cream, and lotions to keep the skin moist and prevent dryness and scaling.

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