WUFU Smart Home Retirement—Sending love and care to the elderly
Time: 2018 Jan 17 17:30:26

On the bright and sunny day of 17th January, the WUFU Smart Home Retirement team engaged the community to provide free body medical check-up for the elderly. The team in charge for this exercise is no other than our professional nursing staff, health consultant, and nutritionist. After distributing our pamphlets, the team was warmly welcomed by the elderly within the community, and even received high praise of our body check-up exercise, also requesting us to make more frequent visit!

Every elderly were treated carefully by our professional nursing staff, as they recorded the blood pressure, and blood sugar level reading of the elderly.

Our nutritionist also explained the importance of nutrition, and also ways to maintain a good health.

Even our smart devices were well received by the interest of the elderly, which our member of staff patiently explained to them the usage and function of each devices.

Loving and caring for the elderly is a path of service that we have chosen. Our company's nursing team will continue to visit different communities to serve the elderly with free body check-up treatments. Will we see you at our next stop? Watch this closely for the latest updates.

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