Light & Easy Tour…

Suitable for healthy, middle-age group elders. This program includes the experiencing of 3-7 days of dining, accommodation, and entertainment. Highly participated amongst the 50-60 years age group.

Migratory Retirem…

Suitable group option who seeks to live in different climate, according to one's liking of the season such as escaping the heat during summer, or enjoy the sea breeze during winter for a period of 2-3 months’ time.

Meditation Retire…

Suitable for a spiritually dynamic group whom wish to seek enlightenment. This program has been well received by many, a journey of cleansing not just the soul, but the body as well by practicing vegetarian diet, allowing the body to rejuvenate itself, achieving realignment between the body and soul through a life of meditation.

Village Option

Suitable for groups who like to enjoy village life in a peaceful, clean and beautiful style.

Urban Retirement

Shanghai WUFU Chongming Yuenye retirement home is located in the backyard of Shanghai - Chongming Island; an island of longevity surrounded by fresh air, as it only focuses on agriculture development and tourism. Our nursing team provides wholesome care like a member of their own family, with a package that includes a medical room and a medical card, and a convenient shopping area.

Social Welfare Pe…

WUFU Group and China Aging Development Foundation has established "Ecological Pension Fund" to aid the fundraising for "Disabled elderly Hope Project" with an annual amount of millions of dollars. Ecological Pension Fund also plans to initiate a welfare funding to build a welfare retirement home for the poor, and for lonely elderly without children. It is a social responsibility of the party, and…

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