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There are many people whom unwearyingly seek for the guidance to longevity from long-lived elderly, without knowing that there are "10 remedies to longevity" in the world that can keep us healthy, with a lifespan of more than a hundred years old, and most importantly, it's for free!

Presenting you our 10 remedies for longevity. If you're afraid that you can't remember everything, save/bookmark this page.

 Drink water

Water is one of the main contributing factor to longevity, and also the best medicine, as many of the illnesses are caused by lack of water consumption. When you're unable to replenish water, your skin will easily form early age of dry skin, while also contributing to constipation. You are also more prone to dehydration, and also suffering from heat strokes. The lack of water in the body also thickens the blood, which causes heart attack and cerebral infraction, especially to elderly whom has heart or artery illness.

Even for an average healthy group, it is a good habit to drink enough water, while also increasing the intake of different source of water such as fruit juices, and also different types of soup.

There are 4 best time of the day to drink water.

A glass in the morning: Ease passing motion, laxative.

Drink a glass of water in the morning to ease passing motion, and acts as a laxative.

A glass after waking up from a nap: Avoid sleepiness, lowers blood lipid.

The body is exhausted after consuming high-source of energy from lunch meals, which results in sleepiness. Drink a glass of water between 13:00 - 15:00 to avoid feeling sleepy, while also lowers the blood lipid.

A glass before dinner: Detoxification, prevents kidney stone

A glass of water before dinner helps to wash the biological 'toiler bowl'—the bladder, while preventing the formation of gallbladder and kidney stones related diseases.

A glass before going to bed: Lowers the danger of heart failure

Drinking a glass of water before going to bed helps strengthen the reproductive system, prevents thickening of blood, and reduce the chances of a heart attack.


How about singing to a little tune while stepping out from a morning shower? Studies has shown that singing under a certain criteria is considered a form of exercising the breathing muscles, and its benefits are nothing less than running, swimming, or boating etc. Those who sings often would experience changes in their blood component, increasing the person's immunity. Many professional singers live an average of 10-years more than normal people. Singing often too requires the depletion of certain amount of heat. The different phase of breathing also helps increase a body's metabolism rate, improves cardiovascular capabilities, also reduces high blood pressure, heart attack and diabetes.

In fact, singing also requires a fair amount of brain power. It's not an easy task for the brain to search for a related song in a sea of billion other information and sing it out loud, definitely gives the brain a quick spin. Having said that, singing also strengthens the brain, and also improves its memory.

The best practice of singing would be in a standing position, with the legs arrange in parallel to the shoulders, maintaining body balance, and remember to use the 'abdominal breathing method' to fully utilize its muscles, contributing to better metabolism rate, reduces constipation , and also improves skin condition.


Who would have known that laughter can also be a remedy to longevity? A study conducted by Wayne State University in the U.S. suggested that the lifespan of a person whom laughs a lot is

79.9 years old, 2 years longer than an average American, and those who laugh less have an average lifespan of 72.9 years old.

Laughing helps to increase the antibody within the bloodstream & saliva, and the amount of immune cells, also triggers Parasympathetic excitation, reduce the adrenaline level in kidney, and relief fatigue. Laughing also increase blood flow of the heart, improves blood circulation, while reducing the chances of heart attack.

Laughter helps reduce cortisol level of stress hormones, not only reduces blood pressure, but also reduce the damage to the neurons within the hippocampus section of the brain (supervise memory). It also strengthens the immune system, reduces the release of stress hormones, thus combating cancer as well.

Laughter from Heart

At the age of 101 years old, Mr. Zhang Xueliang copes his days by starting with a big laugh when he wakes up. He said that the purpose of laughter is to live a longer life, so why not make yourself happy the first thing when you gets up from bed? If you wish to seek happiness,

you'll need to open up your heart, and do not frustrate yourself. In order to do so, you'll need to first relax, let the heart settle down to loosen up the body, and then break free from stressfulness and anxiety, only you can laugh happily.


Who would have thought they chewing could actually be a remedy to longevity? Just remind yourself to chew slowly (about 30 chews) before swallowing your food.

Studies have shown that those who often gobble their food have higher possibility of suffering from stomach cancer. Chewing your food more actually reduces the burden of the digestive tract, and lowers the chances of suffering from gastrointestinal cancer. In addition to that, the University of Georgia, U.S. also conducted a study that shows the saliva too have a strong food sterilization ability, killing almost all Aflatoxin content, which is also known as the main culprit of liver cancer, within 30 seconds. Therefore, the best practice would be to chew for 30 times (one second per chew) within a minute before swallowing your food.


Sun is the source of all living things; no reproductive inhabitants can live without. To welcome the long-awaited spring after the chilly winter, everyone can take the opportunity of a mild sunshine to soak in some vitamin D.

Soaking in the sun helps the body to replenish vitamin D. As shown in studies, people who have higher level of vitamin D have a younger body age of 5 years, compared to the lesser ones. This proves that sunbathing has the capability of delaying aging . In fact, it can also help reduce the chances of suffering from cancer.

Soaking up the sun can also stimulate huge hidden amount of immune cells, dredge the meridian system, smoothens the blood flow, regulate the activity of organs, dispel coldness (traditional Chinese medication), and an excellent method to avoid or cure neck, shoulder or spinal related bone diseases.

30 minutes of daily sunbathing

It's best to sunbath the back of the body in a sitting position, as the back has a meridian that cannot be ignored—the Du Meridian, also known as the "Sea of Yang Meridian" (governor vessel), the central meridian of the entire body. By sunbathing the back, it absorbs the heat that replenishes the body's Chi energy.

The best gentle ray of sun is during 10am-11am, or 4pm-7pm in the evening, which is especially good for the elderly. The sunbathing period could take just about 30 minutes with direct contact  but not  doing it within a closed environment through a glass shield for maximum effectiveness.

Don't Hold  Grudges

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discovered that 90% of the illness are related to emotions. The most historical case of being "Angered to death", happened in the story between Zhuge Liang and Zhou Yu. Some history scholars also mentioned that Zhou Yu was not angered to death by Zhuge Liang, but by sudden cardiac death. This proves that anger has a huge affect on one's health.

Modern science can also prove such claim. The mental and biological state are like roots of the same family, as anger can not only bring drastic changes to one's body condition, but also stimulate toxic emotions. Anger also doubles the blood flow , expands the usual size of the liver, immune system goes on a strike for 6 hours, constant expansion of the alveolar, functional disorder of the stomach, lump appearing on chest, spots on skin, the danger is significant.

Song Meiling

The bodyguard of Song Meiling—Zhong Aimin, commented that Madam's secret to longevity was not to suppress her feelings, and expressed her temper whenever she feels so. It is important for the elderly to control their emotions whenever they feel disturbed, but it's better to express it through a suitable channel rather than keeping it in. This is the way of living a longer life.

Elderly whom suppress their emotions could lead to depression, and trigger other illness. If this suppression continues for a longer period of time, elderly will experience immune system disorder, autonomic disorders, endocrine disorders and more.


Walking has been acknowledged by the World Health Organization as 'The world's best exercise", with the endorsement of heart associations in many countries and by specialists alike. Walking is also a trending exercise in the world.

The World Health Organization state that walking is one of the world's best exercises that is easy to execute, ability to strengthen the body, suitable for all walks of life, and it's never too late to start practicing it.

Studies has shown that an average person who walks for more than 30 minutes a day tend to live 4 times longer than those who don't, no matter what’s the level of the body fat content.

The Chief Health Education Specialist— Hong Zhaoguang mentioned that to many people, walking is the best prevention against heart attack, yet, the easiest and most convenient way to do so.

Senior fitness instructor—Fu Qiang also mentioned that: "Walking allows the bone structure to accurately support the weight of the body, while preventing the loss of minerals within the bones, and reverse osteoporosis.

Soaking Feet

Instead of consuming lamb daily, why not try soaking your feet before going to bed. Soaking the feet in spring enhances the reproductive system; release body heat in the summer, smoothens lung sputum in autumn; and warms the body during winter.

Soaking feet is suitable for both young and old. Elderly who soak their feet can help prevent all sorts of vascular diseases, diabetes, re-adjust blood lipids and blood pressure. Soaking feet can help strengthens the kidney for men and enhance skin complexion for women, and soaking a child's feet can help improves the metabolism rate. It also carries medical applications to help cure illness such as Rheumatism, Spleen and stomach disease, insomnia, headache, flu and other physical illness while it as well helps to  enhance the recovery of paraplegia, stroke, lumbar disc herniation, kidney illness, diabetes and many more.

Soaking feet at 9PM

Soaking the feet at this hour has the highest effectiveness, which allows the kidney to have maximum relaxation, best soak within a wooden tub, or an enamel basin in a water temperature of about 40 °C.

It's also best practice to soak your above your ankle, and use your fingers to message the Yong Quan acupuncture point, while applying pressure on the Tai Chung point located at the bottom part of the feet to reduce blood pressure.


There are many acupuncture points in our head. Through combing, the comb massages these points that have a stimulating effect of calming down the activity of the liver and the ‘wind’ in the body, while maintaining the body’s energy and relieves eye sore. Run your fingers on your

scalp until it turns red and emits heat twice a day to improve its blood flow, increase the brain’s activity and memory, strengthens roots of the hair, reduce hair fall, and relax brain fatigue.

Even the Empress Dowager Cixi ordered her palace eunuch to comb and massage her scalp every day when she woke up from bed, resulting her ever thick and graceful hair despite growing old.

Complete Hair Comb

Experts have also recommended the most effective method is to comb thoroughly your hair located all over the head right from the roots to the end, no matter from the center or split into two sides. Every side should comb up to 50 times or more for the best effect, until you find comfort.

The best time to comb your hair is after waking up from bed, and before going to bed with a horn comb, jade comb, or wood comb.


Sleeping is the biggest supplement, and the simplest, yet most effective way to better your wellbeing. A good sleep can relief body fatigue, and recuperate our cranial nerves, endocrine, metabolism activity, digestive system, and breathing, allowing the body tissues to repair and develop itself, while increasing our immune system to battle against illness. It’s a crucial step of health maintenance.

Sleep & wake up early

Experts recommend the ideal time to go to bed is between 9p.m. – 11p.m. Traditional Chinese medical believes that Yin energy provides better sleep, while Yang energy keeps the body awake. It is said that Yang energy is the weakest during 11p.m. – 1a.m, whereas it is the prime time to replenish Yin energy, making it the best time to sleep. ‘Lie like a bow’ is an optimal

sleeping position to reduce the gravitational force working against the body, allowing the body to feel utmost relaxation. Due to the left incline position of our hearts, it’s best to lying towards the right side to reduce the pressure place on the organs.

The best time to wake up would be 6a.m. in the morning, replenishing the Yang energy. Even if you slept late the night before, it’s still advisable to wake up before 7a.m., and take a half an hour nap in the noon.

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