The Greatest Enemy of Toxins In Our Blood! You'll Regret Not Eating This Especially After Your Mid-age.

Pigmentation and Hyperlipidemia are mainly caused by the toxins in the blood. Only through clearing these toxins, you can have a healthier blood. All of the food below are most effective against the toxins in your blood, remember to eat them all the time

1.Green Pepper

Prevent blood coagulation

Let us breakdown the nutrient contained in the green pepper—Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Carotene, preventing blood coagulation. Besides, it also has Chlorophyll that has the ability to clean the toxins within the blood.

Green pepper is different from other vegetables, as it requires to be combined with oil, allowing its Vitamin C and Carotene content to be easily absorbed by the body. The best way to eat it is through frying it with beef tendon, Sichuan pepper, ginger slices and onions, while adding condiment to taste. This way, the nutrient of the green pepper can be preserved.

2. Yeast

Enhance Body Insulin

Yeast is rich in Chromium, which helps enhance our body insulin, and a remedy to diabetes. Just add half a teaspoon of yeast into your glass of breakfast fruit juice, it helps the body to get rid of excessive fats and cholesterol.

3. Green Tea

Regulates The Blood Pressure And Blood Sugar Level

Green Tea can help reduce cholesterol and triglyceride level in the body. Also, green tea also provides catechin content that helps to prevent blood oxidization, spike of blood pressure and blood sugar level, thus, improving our blood circulation.

Apart from drinking, tea can also be part of many dishes. Firstly, grind the green tea leaves until its powder fine, then apply it onto the surface of food such as bread, steam buns etc. Steaming it not only encourage better absorption, but also enhance food texture. Give it a try!

4.Black Beans

The Catalysts of Blood Circulation

Many people know that black beans can help grow black hair, but little that people know that it can also help the body to produce more blood. Black beans are a magical type of food that helps to improve blood circulation, regulate the stomach, strengthens metabolism rate, and vigorously delivers throughout the body.

All thanks to the anthocyanidin content within black beans, as it is one of the phenolic substances that contributes to the health benefit of a better blood flow. Plus, it can be easily absorbed by the body, an effect not to be underestimated!

Black coloured food has a heritage of keeping the body in good shape, especially in supplementing and strengthening the kidney, relieve heatiness, nourishes the blood and liver, and growing black hair.

5. Kiwi

The Best Ingredient For a Flexible Blood Vessel

Kiwi contains a rich amount of vitamin C. Every 100g of kiwi contains 69mg of vitamin C, a necessary ingredient to form collagen. Kiwi can also help build a flexibly strong blood vessel, while regulating blood pressure.

Kiwi can also improve appetite, improve sleep, and cure illness such as jaundice, hernia, Hemorrhoids and more. Just simply blend the kiwi into juice with suitable amount of honey and drink it.

Take note that while blending kiwi, it’s best to reserve its skin as it contains nutrition that cleans the blood. Plus, it also adds texture of the juice.

6. Kelp

Improves Blood Circulation To Discharge Harmful Substances

Kelp is rich in Iodine; regular consumption can help prevent iodine deficiency in the body. Kelp also contains substance that can combine with the harmful substances in the blood and discharge it. Besides, kelp too can help lose weight.

7.Buckwheat/Soba Noodle 

Strengthens Blood Vessel

Buckwheat/Soba noodle contains a balance amount of nutrient of Lysine, Tryptophan, and Methionine, which are all amino acids that highly benefits the health of your blood. Hence, it’s also known as the “Perfect food”.

Besides, buckwheat also contains vitamin B1 that is absolute necessary in the blood circulation, vitamin B2 that help improves metabolism rate, choline, and other nicotinic acid substance.

These nutrient values can improve cholesterol level, cleanse the blood, and strengthens blood vessels.

8. Cabbage

Blood Vessels Need To Be Flexible Too

Cabbage can be considered as a big contributor to healthy blood. Besides providing vitamin C, Potassium, Calcium, and dietary fiber, it also contains isothiocyanate that has strong antioxidant activity and rare vitamin U & K. These vitamins can protect vascular mucosa, improve blood circulation, keeping blood vessels strong and flexible.

What's more, cabbage also has the function of protecting mucosa cells, a more effective clinical effect against gastritis and stomach ulcer.

9. Propolis

Increase Blood Immunity

Propolis is an amazing compound that is made from bee fat that has a strong ability to combat virus, also known as a "Natural Vitamin". Propolis is also a natural immunity enhancer, stimulating the body's immune system, increasing the activity of white blood cells, namely —macrophages.

Propolis has nutrient such as Flavanone, Flavanoid, Isoflavone, vitamin P, and also rich with minerals to boost immunity, prevent oxidation of blood vessels and ensuring its younger state, allowing the blood viscosity to maintain at normal level.


A Good Helper of Blood Detoxification

There are many people who do not know that Wakame contains amazing Fucoidan nutrient that not only strengthens the liver, but also has the ability to enhance the body's immunity.

Wakame has a very unique seaweed fluid that helps to discharge sodium elements within the blood out of the body. Thus, cleansing the blood.

Regular consumption of Wakame helps to boost the body's immunity, improves body fat metabolism, reduce blood lipid and blood pressure, softens blood vessels, increase the myocardial vitality, reduce heartiness for a better sleep, detoxification, and removes freckles.


The Best "Abrasive device" Against Blood Clot

Most people are "insulators" against garlic, but from this point on, you should start loving it. Because garlic contains Allicin that helps reduce the combination of cholesterol enzyme activity within the liver, thereby also reducing the cholesterol level, while maintaining the health of the blood.

What's more, garlic also contains a type of sulfide called Garlicin, which helps reduce cholesterol and prevent blood clots, helps increase the density of lipoprotein, reducing the root of the formation of blood clots.

Urban legend has it that garlic can also be used to treat Rhinitis, but there is no scientific proves to date. We would still recommend you to seek medical treatment, or operation procedures to treat Rhinitis.


Frequent usage of celery has the ability of maintaining healthy blood pressure, simply because celery contains potassium elements and Apigenin compound. When preparing celery, simply blanch it, add garlic and vinegar in the cold salad dish and its ready to be served. Celery can also be blended as a juice to drink.

13.Black Fungus

Cures and Prevent Anemia

Black fungus contains rich amount of Iron, making it highly beneficial to those who are suffering from anemia with regular consumption. Black fungus too can help lower cholesterol level, eating it frequently can also treat arteriosclerosis especially for long-term cotton textile workers, consuming black fungus can help reduce the rate of stone diseases.

Being constantly tensed and worried can lead to growth of gray hair. Thankfully, the nutrient of black fungus can help return your black and silky hair.

14. Green Bean (And Peas)

Enhance Heavy Metal Discharge

Many people would know that green bean has the function of detoxification, reducing acne for those with acne problems. Eating green bean porridge or soup can help recuperate secretion and endocrine disorder.

15.Winter Melon

Purify Blood Environment

Winter melon is rich in protein and vitamin C. Traditional Chinese Medicine suggest that it can help dissolve body fats, purify the blood environment, cooling off  body, dispelling phlegm  and also help decrease swelling.


Enhance Gastrointestinal Motility

Chives contain calcium, phosphorus, iron, sugar, protein, vitamin A & C, carotene, and huge amount of cellulose can help enhance gastrointestinal motility, for better gallbladder movement.


Inhibition of Platelet Aggregation

Red grape contains Resveratrol, a natural compound that helps lower cholesterol. Animal experiment has proven that Resveratrol can reduce cholesterol level, and helps the inhibition of platelet aggregation. Therefore, grapes are the effective fruit to cleanse the blood.

Black grape too contains a high amount of potassium, magnesium, and calcium to help treat neurasthenia, and combat fatigue.

18. Apple

Inhibition of Platelet Aggregation

Apple is an effective blood cleanser, therefore patients who has low blood pressure or arteriosclerosis should eat more apples. Apple can also help improve the lymphatic system.

Besides, apple juice can fasten intestinal peristalsis. Having an apple after a meal during summer not only helps maintain a good health, but also helps prevent gynecological diseases.

19.Lotus Leaf

Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases

Lotus leaf contains strong oxidation resistant compound, cleanse free radicals in the blood, therefore reducing the damage done to the vascular wall. In the meantime, lotus leaf also have the effect of reducing blood lipid, and further reducing the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

Lotus leaf alkali can also help cool off the body. Regular consumption of lotus leaf tea can also help smoothen bowel movement, and a refreshing treat.

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